How do Affirmations Affect the brain?

You can easily define positive affirmations as you practice them. They are basically positive statements or phrases that are used for challenging any negative thoughts. It is effortless to practice positive affirmations. You require to select a phrase and then keep on repeating the phrase to yourself. With positive affirmation, you can start motivating yourself, encouraging positive change in your life, and enhancing your self-esteem. If you often find that you are caught up in any negative talk, use positive affirmations to combat such unconscious patterns and replace them with empowering narratives.

Is it true that there is a science behind affirmations?

Yes, there is science behind affirmations, but no magic. Any positive affirmation will need daily practicing if you wish to create long-lasting changes to your way of thinking and feeling. Positive affirmations’ practice and acceptance are primarily based on popular and well-set psychological theories.

Can you practice affirmations in the scientific process?

Affirmations can be used to your advantage by using those that stay focused to change your way of thinking. Here are few affirmations that will work perfectly:

Love yourself:

If you think you hated yourself for long, then try picking up this affirmation of loving yourself. Start saying you love yourself before going to bed each night. It may feel funny at first, but then you will get used to it and start to hate yourself less.

Assurance of everything will be fine:

Often, when people are heard saying “everything will be fine” to themselves regarding their problems, they do not honestly believe it. They use it as some informal affirmation. Even if they get convinced that it will be fine, their brain is searching subconsciously how everything will be fine. When a solution is found out, the brain will be presenting it to their conscious mind. You may be thinking that the answer came out suddenly of nowhere, but actually, the affirmation made it feasible.

Believe that you always get whatever you require:

Start using this affirmation and see how you do not anymore feel like your life is lacking anything. You would not feel anymore that you do not have sufficient money, clothes, and a good car. Once you start to use this affirmation, your brain will reveal to you that you are constantly fed well, have clothes, sleep under a roof, and have sufficient money and dear ones to ensure that nothing will change. Every expression of gratitude starts as affirmations.

The common thing between all these affirmations is they are regarding your way of thinking. They are never related to any external physical condition. Regardless of how great your affirmations are, sometimes the exact situation you are trying to affirm will not be coming about. Unlike any external situation, your mind will be under your complete control. Indeed it is the only thing that is completely under your control. You can use them to change your way of thinking, and thus, using them for controlling any instability is a wastage of time. Change your way of thinking and have your life changed.

Mental Health Coach, Growth Hacker and Mindset Trainer.

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