What Are The 7 Major Laws Of Attraction?

· An umbrella term.

· Existence of subdivisions.

· Connected by a similar strain.

· Affirmation to the central concept.

The Law of Attraction has undoubtedly been an impactful force circulating every human being, especially to the believers and its preachers. We basically have covered the aspect of attraction, which stands pivotal to the law. But having to delve deeper into it, we shall come across several other laws which falls under the Law of the Attraction. In short, The Law of Attraction is an umbrella term which encompasses seven other laws underneath. Having to discuss in depth, we shall find that these laws are generally subsets under the cover term, and they rather exist as individual elements. These laws are connected by a similar train of thought, that complies together to support the ulterior concept of attraction, firmly based on our thoughts and beliefs.

We shall briefly discuss the seven laws in the following section.

1. The Law Of Manifestation.

Consciousness is central to the Law of Manifestation. And being conscious is a choice on the part of an individual. It refers to that choice which makes one aware of the present or current moment. The things we tend to prioritise always gets a reflection in our consciousness. Mastering this law would require us to attain our consciousness towards our preferred goal-oriented reality. Since this Law acts in proportion to the Law of Attraction, hence we need to ensure that we remain intact to our positivity. This will require us to blend our consciousness with our positive mindset, which will further garner us our suitable outcome. Manifesting dreams and desires require a conscious effort on our part.

2. The Law Of Magnetism.

One point that needs a mention is that we tend to attract the same sort of energy frequency that we deliver. If we try to perceive that things which we have experienced hitherto is actually the outcome of the frequency of the energy we have thus released out, we will get a much clearer picture of how we humans act as a magnet to our own lives. Similar to the universe, we are comprised of vibrational energy. Hence, the Law of Magnetism rests on the fact that the energy frequencies that oozes out of us, returns to us, similar to a magnet. Therefore, we must ensure that the energy which we release should be suitable enough for us to receive it back again.

3. The Law Of Pure Desire (or Unwavering Desire).

The Law of Pure Desire is truly guided by the intention and the strength of an individual towards its goal or destination. People driven with the strongest and unprecedented desire to meet their outcome actually possess the power of the Law of Pure Desire. And undoubtedly, they make it to their destination. This path is trodden by those who are not only the bearer of pure intention, but who also leave their fear behind, and express desperation. This makes them worthy for their dreams, which attracts their way.

4. The Law Of Paradoxical Intent (or Delicate Balance).

Balance is one of the central themes in the Law of Attraction. Finding a balance within oneself will essentially help in releasing the higher frequency led vibrational energy for the law to actually work. This implies that we are expressing our appreciation and gratitude for what we possess. To attain a life of abundance, we must shift our mindset to a state which shows we are already in such a possession. To maintain balance and peace with what we currently possess helps us keep our feelings of desperation and obsession at a distance.

Desperation might have the propensity to create a paradox, which have the power to drive away the things we actually desire for. Too much of desire might drive away the outcome. Hence, the Law of Paradoxical Intent gives us an insight to the importance of striking a balance.

5. The Law Of Harmony (or Synchronization).

The universe is a space where everything stands connected. This generates us to the fact that we too are equally connected to the universe through the medium of various sources of energy. The Law of Harmony rests on the belief that it allows us to disclose and simultaneously use the power and connect ourselves to the energy that flows throughout the universe. Tapping the Universal flow will grant us access to what the world offers. This unleashes abundance and power and give us what we seek for. Since this power emerges within us, so we must harmoniously align ourselves to the universe, thus creating an outlet for us to manifest our powers.

6. The law of right action (or conscientious action).

The Law of Right Action is directly proportional to our deeds and the action we seek to perform. Choosing the right thing to do, will give us back more positivity and vice versa. Similar to a magnet, the integrity and honour we pour into the world will fetch us the equal results. We being made up of vibrational energy, if we keep our energy frequency regulated for the acts of dignity and honour, things will work wonders for us, even if not immediately.

7. The Law Of Expanding Influence (or Universal Influence).

Energy being a powerful thing has the ability to expand around the world, by equally influencing on a personal scale or holistically. The power of one’s personal vibration can reach in its entirety to spread the similar energy force. The Law of Expanding Influence exactly stands for this. This means the connectivity of the universe at large makes it capable for the people to impact each other with their release of energy. The power of energy goes to that extent on how we handle and influence something that impacts one and the entire world around. So, consciously choosing positivity can produce and encircle the world with positive energy.

Mental Health Coach, Growth Hacker and Mindset Trainer.

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